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PPC Keyword Strategy

Every PPC battle begins with a precisely created keyword list. These keywords are the building blocks of your PPC, deciding the utilization of your budget and the estimation of your leads. We conduct thorough research into your business, your industry and your competition, breaking down the keywords that surfers search most. By creating and choosing a financially savvy cross-section of keywords, we’re able to place your digital advertisements before the most noteworthy number of important leads for your budget.

ROI-focused PPC Management

We believe PPC advertising must add to the bottom line. Whether it’s Adwords, Facebook, or Remarketing the goal is to increase business. Our job is to measure, increase, & deliver positive ROI. If improving the bottom line isn’t your thing, maybe we aren’t the PPC management firm for you.

Complete Due Diligence

Truly successful PPC management starts by understanding the complete business and revenue model. Get Found First does things different. We begin every new client account by engaging in thorough due diligence. Before the first ad goes live we strive to understand our client’s customers, industry, competitors, and business processes inside and out..


PPC Advertising


If you’re looking for an instant boost in traffic, PPC Advertising is the right choice. With a refined, highly-targeted campaign on Google AdWords and Bing Ads, your website will have visibility for revenue-driving keywords on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. More than 5 billion searches are conducted on Google every day. With advertising space available on premium websites opted-in to the Google Display Network, ad slots on search results pages, and Google’s re-targeting capability, we can reach users online in every capacity.

SEO Solutions


Pay per click (PPC) offers businesses the opportunity to reach new audiences through a form of paid advertising within the search results of major search engines. Many of these services are targeted based on keywords or audiences in order to focus on targeting users who are searching for a specific type of product or service online. The act of pay per click management involves managing and optimizing a pay per click campaign in order to ensure the campaign is set up properly to take advantage of various features for bid adjustment, CPA minimization, and targeting.

Do I need PPC?

There are certainly a lot of businesses that simply don’t have a need for pay per click advertising (PPC) either due to their budgetary constraints or the type of business they are running. In many cases the cost of a single click could be quite costly depending on a number of factors. It takes a dedicated budget towards PPC to truly make it work and to make it work effectively.Burbank PPC Agency Businesses able to allocate a steady budget over a long-term period will get the most out of PPC advertising. It is important to understand that pay per click prices can change over time based on the importance of a keyword, the competition for that keyword, and the amount of traffic being driven to that keyword over time.

Account Establishment

It is absolutely vital to have an effective PPC campaign from the very start. Many PPC engines focus on the history of a company’s advertising efforts through the engine in order to set prices and estimates for the future. Having the right campaign from the start could decrease costs and increase performance over the long-term. Through a dedicated PPC company and the support of a team of dedicated professionals our pay per click management service involves the process of first setting up and then optimizing a PPC management campaign. During this time our creative ad development team focuses on creating effective textual and display advertisements which will appeal to your potential customers with the hopes of converting them into paid customers. Effort is placed into ensuring your campaign is being properly tracked and understood to ensure you’ll see the fruits of the labor. You’ll be able to see how much traffic and interest is being generated through your PPC efforts compared to other organic or paid traffic sources. PPC Satisfaction Guarantee Landing page optimization focuses on crafting conversion-driven landing pages with the intention of not only drawing in traffic but to also ensure that traffic is being properly configured into paid customers. This is done by ensuring the content and information located on the landing page the visitor first reaches is highly relevant to them. Lastly, keyword research focuses on targeting the right keywords with the most effective strategy for increasing clicks and conversions. Our team will focus on finding less competitive keywords which can often be crucial to the success of your PPC campaign.


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